Whether you fancy herbs for their aphrodisiacal powers, their healing powers, or their culinary uses, there is no debate about their power. They were put on this earth with purpose: to help us cure our ills and enhance our senses. Medieval herbalists "felt that to smell green herbs continuously would keep anyone in perfect health". I agree!

In the first century, Dioscorides, a Greek from Asia Minor, traveled with Roman legions and became known for his work in botany and medicine. He studied the healing herbs and wrote about his findings in Materia Medica, a work containing information on more than five hundred herbs. A Byzantine copy of his work dated about A.D. 512 is still studied by herbalists today. Folklore about herbs and remedies is abundant, but it was probably Charlemagne who spoke the most famous definition of herbs: "The friend of the physician and the pride of cooks."

In our busy lives, we rarely get the time to pamper ourselves. One of the best gifts I ever received was a day of pampering at a spa. I sipped herbal tea; I was wrapped in herbal infusions; I had a facial steam; I breathed in essential oils and sachets; and of course, the massage with herbal oils put me over the top. I will never forget the relaxing feeling, the smooth texture of my skin, and the overall peace I had after that day. It lingered for a long time, and it made me realize that growing and using herbs is my calling. I'd like to think that years are added to my life because I work with herbs. I know I am less stressed, and I really enjoy what I am doing. I'm sure that gift cost oodles of money, but by growing and making my remedies, you can experience the well-being I do, without the huge expense.

I am also an advocate of organic gardening, and I try to avoid chemicals for all gardening procedures, especially for fighting pests and diseases. After all, you're going to eat these herbs, breathe them, and apply them to your skin! In Natural Remedies for Plants, I offer you my best ideas for alternatives to chemicals.


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